L.E. Gomez, MD MBA FAAEM, is Assistant Professor at Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, D.C., and Chairs Diversity and Inclusion Committee for AAEM. He majored in biochemistry at Cornell University’s College of Arts and Sciences and currently studies the neuroendocrine basis of health disparities. He earned his medical degree from Mt. Sinai in New York City where he researched hospital relocation and completed training in Emergency Medicine at the University of Chicago Hospitals after an internship year in medicine at Boston Medical Center. He has mentored underrepresented students in Boston’s South End and Chicago's South Side. He completed an MBA in Health Management with a focus on business ethics and served as faculty at the University of Miami Bioethics Program.


He teaches for the National Medical Association’s Emergency Medicine and Physician Executive Sections and recently published research on the business performance advantage of diversity. Dr. Gomez completed AAEM’s Congressional Fellowship in Policy and Advocacy and is active on our Government and National Affairs Committee. He is a research consultant for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and frequent contributor to “Common Sense” on health economics.


He served as VP for FLAAEM Chapter before relocating to Annapolis, Maryland with his family where he is a community organizer and advocate for the elimination of economic and health disparities, hosts an educational website at LiberalArtsMD.com and is a frequent guest speaker for educational events towards dismantling racism. He enjoys nature, hiking, touring National Parks and running occasional marathons.

To learn more about Dr. Gomez' work visit: LiberalArtsMD.com

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