Katrina Browne

Katrina Browne produced/directed the Emmy-nominated Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North, a documentary about her slave-trading ancestors from Rhode Island, the hidden history of the North’s complicity in slavery, and her family’s reckoning with questions of privilege and repair.  Traces premiered at Sundance (2008), and then aired on PBS (broadcasts also in Canada, Cuba, and Bermuda). 


Katrina travels extensively with the film as a speaker/trainer – in the U.S. and overseas.  She co-founded The Tracing Center on Histories and Legacies of Slavery to help improve how slavery is taught in schools and interpreted at historic sites and museums. 


The film contributed to the Episcopal Church’s 2006 decision to atone for its role in slavery; Katrina now works for the Church as a consultant on their Becoming Beloved Community racial justice and healing initiatives. To learn more about Katrina's work visit:  http://www.tracesofthetrade.org/


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